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Life on gulet

Let us imagine now: ‘A nice dream, a little holiday, and endless blue…’ Cruising on the gulet is an uncompleted story for some, but it is at the same time a never-ending story because it is a completely different world. Let us go on to imagine: on a blue and clean sea you are under sail sometimes with sails sometimes with power. After a three hour pleasant cruise let go the anchor in a heavenly bay in the middle of the nature!

The modern gulets are equipped as comfortably as many small hotels, with generators and deep freeze. They offer the perfect atmosphere for a lazy holiday in which you are expected to do nothing that you do not wish to do. Days are spent swimming or exploring the turquoise deep with your snorkel, reading your favourite novel, trying the delicious Croatian cuisine, drinking something wonderful, sun bathing , playing cards and generally relaxing. Water skis and jet skis are available for rent from most beaches and land trips to plenty of ancient ruins to visit are extras.You can even fish for your supper which the cook will gladly prepare for you. Mealtimes are another form of entertainment with all that exquisite Croatian cuisine and wonderful conversation. Having a meal under the stars on a dead flat sea gently lapping the sides of the boat is an experience not to be missed. It is like a holiday in a hotel with all the rooms overlooking the sea but every day the scenery changes. For those who prefer a different view each day and are prepared for the changing moods of Mother Nature then a holiday on a gulet is the perfect solution.

You can spend all of your time on board of the gulet if you like. The captain and the crew are continuously at your disposal in an effort to provide you with all your needs. The cook pampers you during the whole voyage with specialties and samples of the delicious Croatian cuisine, of which you surely will be a fan at the end of the voyage.
Life on board usually involves 2-3 hours of cruising along the coastline based on your itinerary. It is the best times to get an excellent sunbathe while having a long refreshing drink and chatting on the deck of the boat that is furnished with sun beds. While the boat moves, you will have the chance to view the incredible surroundings around you.

What to bring with you
You only need casual wear; non slip foot wear, your swimming gear, a sun hat, some T-shirts and shorts, a sweater for cool evenings and for excursions and climbs blue jeans and strong footwear. Instead of one large suitcase, we recommend that you take two smallish soft bags as they are far more convenient when it comes to stowing them away in your cabin. What else? Some towels, a mini first aid kit including antihistamine cream plus toiletries. Soap is available upon request and one hand towel each plus bedding is provided. Normal street shoes are not acceptable on board a gulet or yacht. Bring soft-soled shoes or go barefoot.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The speedboat can only be operated by a member of the crew. You may like to bring your favourite CDs and iPod-s to enjoy during your cruise. Due to unforeseen circumstances, bad weather conditions or for your own safety, the planned itinerary may have to be changed at short notice. The Captain's decision is final in all matters.

FOOD AND DRINKS The meals on board consist of a variety of delicious menus such as fresh salads, cold and hot appetizers, grilled meats, occasional fish and Croatian specialties. Besides, snacks and tea breaks are set according to your request. Meal times will depend upon cruising schedules and the wishes of all on board. Dinner on the aft deck is usually the highlight of the day; a long leisurely meal sitting under the stars, listening to the water lapping at the hull of the gulet.

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