Greece nautical guide

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Greece nautical guide

Cruising Greece

Greece is the Mediterranean’s home of sailing. With its famous islands making up 20% of the total land area and a coastline of over 9000 miles, a sailor could spend years sailing Greece and discovering not only new inlets, bays and islands but whole new areas stretching from the Aegean in the east to the Adriatic in the west.

While each sailing destination is largely centred on picturesque island hopping through crystal clear waters, they offer very definite and distinct characteristics for the bareboat sailor. Read through these different areas on the right of this page, or just give us a call, we love to chat.

The Sailing Areas

The Ionian is generally regarded as the least challenging sailing area for British sailors, with sheltered sailing prevalent throughout. The Cyclades mixes exciting daytime sailing conditions with just as exciting nightlife on its famous islands including Mykonos, Syros and Ios. Located in the middle of the Aegean Sea, the Cyclades is probably the most challenging sailing area we offer.

The Saronic Gulf offers brilliant balanced sailing conditions and a host of islands with historic site after historic site. Highlights include Spetses, Poros and the island of Hydra, which is car and motorcycle free. It is fast becoming a favourite for sailors looking to venture out from the Ionian Islands.

Skiathos offers challenging sailing but with access to quiet beaches and the Dodecanese Islands slightly more ‘touristy’ destinations but offer the chance to find beautiful more secluded island coves and beaches by yacht.


The sailing conditions in Greece are as diverse as the locations themselves. If you’re looking for calm seas and generally light winds head to the Ionian Islands. If you're after exciting sailing venture to the Cyclades Islands and for something in between, cast off toward the beautiful Saronic Gulf.

Greece cruising destinations

Greece archipelago map
Dodecanese islands

Dodecanese islands
The Dodecanese Islands are located in the south eastern region of the Aegean Sea, stretched along the Turkish Coast. Most well known and popular of this group are the tourist islands of Kos and Rhodes.

Cyclades islands

Cyclades islands
The Cyclades, accessed from Athens, offer exciting sailing through this ruggedly beautiful island group. Party in Mykonos, chill out in Santorini, sailing in the Cyclades Islands has it all.

Saronic islands

Saronic islands
From Athens, the Saronic Islands offer world class sailing around the famous islands of Poros, Idra and Spetses. Visit historic temples, watch concerts in ancient ampitheatres and sail gentle Saronic seas.

Sporades islands

Sporades islands
From our small base in Skiathos you can sail the Sporades Islands, a beautiful archipelago in the north east of Greece. It's renown for it's many sandy beaches and beautiful sailing.

Ionian islands

Ionian islands
The Ionian is the least challenging of our sailing destinations. Sailing the Ionian offers waters of the most amazing clarity, dockside tavernas, ‘short-hop’ sailing, all in an area famous for gentle winds.

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