Italy nautical guide

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Italy nautical guide

"Stop, smell and listen to the sights and sounds of sailing in Italy..."

We all think we know Italy, but a sailing holiday in Italy offers a whole new way to experience the most of what this fabulous country has to offer. In fact, many argue (me being one of them) that a bareboat charter is the best and most comfortable way to enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of the beautiful country of Italy.

This is a secret that Italians know well, and many British sailors are beginning to find out.

Think of the rustic charms and raw beauty of Tuscany, the glamour and style of Capri and the Amalfi Coast and then the history and diversity of Sicily. Underpin this with fabulous Italian food and wine, unrivalled lifestyle and glamour and then your very own yacht, which opens all of these up to sailors with the added relief of being able to get away from the hustle-bustle of many Italians attractions.

Food & Wine

Gourmets will of course love Italian cuisine, based mainly on fish and seafood. Do not forget to try the sburita, an excellent fish soup, and the onion gurguglione. The mild climate favours an excellent cultivation of vineyards. Elba is famous for its wines: Rosso, Procanico, Aleatico and Moscato. "Ansonico" is an amber-coloured scented wine well-known by the Romans and produced today in limited quantity. It is rarity for gourmets only.

Italy Sailing Areas

Sailing Italy is split into four areas covered in this Italy bareboat charter section. They are the Tuscan Islands, Naples and the Amalfi Coast, Sicily (including the Aeolian Islands) and Sardinia.Each of these sailing areas has their own unique attractions and colour, so please take the time to read through the individual sections on the above right of this page.

Getting there...

A bareboat charter in Italy is readily accessible with regular flights to Pisa, Naples, Sicily and Sardinia from many British airports. Transfer times of up to 90 minutes actually add to the holiday experience, as you wind your way through Italian scenery such as the Tuscan or Sicilian countryside or the typically Italian cityscape of Naples.

The Sailing Season

The sailing holiday season in Italy stretches from the beginning of May to the end of October. Peak period months of July and August are the hottest, but also have the lightest winds and the most crowds. As mentioned above, the benefits of sailing in Italy is well known to Italians so bays and moorings can get crowded throughout these periods.

Take a look at the sailing areas on the right of this page, and find out all that Italy has to offer us sailors!

Italy cruising destinations

Italy archepelago map
Sailing the Tuscan Islands

Sailing the Tuscan Islands
Picture Tuscany - idyllic rolling patchwork hills, olive groves, sunflower fields, vineyards, and walled hilltop cities. Take a sailing holiday in the Tuscan Islands and experience all this and much much more.

Sardinia Sailing Holidays

Sardinia Sailing Holidays
Sardinia’s attraction for many that venture there is its coastline’s diversity; from the dunes of the Costa Verde to the deep emerald coves and magic beaches of the Costa Smeralda.

Sailing the Amalfi Coast

Sailing the Amalfi Coast
The sailing around Naples, Procida and the Amalfi Coast has it all - beautiful beaches, rugged landscapes, and plenty of glamorous nightlife in towns that also include Capri and Sorrento.

Sailing Holidays in Sicily

Sailing Holidays in Sicily
Sicily has a profound effect on all that visit her, with a rich culture, especially in regards to the arts, cuisine, architecture and even language. It is said that Sicily is Europe's most historically cosmopolitan region

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