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Bareboat charter is a fantastic opportunity for you to charter with no provisions. You become responsible for your own, Navigation's, Sailing, Mooring, Motoring, Cooking, Cleaning, etc. Bareboats offer you freedom to navigate within your contracted navigational waters. This style of charter offers you accomplishment of self dependency.


Bareboat sailboat gives you the opportunity for you and your party to crew your own sailboat. To take advantage of all attributes and duties of sailing with you party and your choice of crew. It is recommended that one of your party is an experienced sailor. If you require a Captain/skipper this also can be arrange easily.

Bareboat Catamaran's are becoming more popular as they are generally have more more below and a larger deck above. They give the feeling of more stability and comfort. Ideal for larger sailing parties. It is recommended that one of your party is an experienced sailor.

Bareboat Motor Yachts are a quicker and more maneuverable way of travelling across waters. An advantage of multiple visits and stops in various areas in one day. It is recommended that one of you party is an experienced Motor Yacht sailor.

Luxury Sailing Yacht
Charter Luxury Crewed Sailing Yacht Charter combines the excitment of being on the top of the range Yacht with all the luxuries you would expect from a floating hotel. These luxury Sailing Yachts vary in size and level of equipment subject to your request or desires.

Luxury Catamaran Charter
Luxury Crewed Catamaran Charter have higher levels of luxury as sailboats, although generally have more cabins and larger deck areas. Ideal for larger parties and families.


The beautiful Mediterranean full of ancient history and different cultures perfect for chartering a luxury yacht. With fabulous and glamorous locations of the Croatian Riviera to the charming peace and tranquility of the Greek Islands.

Crewed luxury yacht charter and Bareboat yacht charter.

Croatia, Greece, Italy and Turkey.

Croatia crewed gulet charter - Croatia luxury motor yacht charter - Croatia Sail boat yacht charter - Croatia Bareboat yacht charter - Croatia Catamaran yacht charter

Croatia is well known for its cultural heritage and beauty and 1400 Islands, each Island has its own personality and charm about it.

Croatia is one the most attractive destinations in the Mediterranean, Croatia is full of hidden treasures in all the perfectly preserved medieval towns, there certainly allot of mystery to be seen on the 220 miles Dalmatian coastline. Croatia is growing rapidly to one of the most popular tourist destinations in the mediterranean waters, but it also manages to keep its beautiful charm preserved and unspoilt. Croatia's beautiful Adriatic coast has some of the most pristine Islands, most magnificent landscapes with some majestic Ports and Harbours. Croatia's waters are a peaceful, relaxing, gentle cruising with numerous naturally beautiful sandy beaches, bays, coves, which you can stop off at during your journey.

Climate - In the summer months 25C/77F to 35C/95F and sea temp reaches 20C/80F.

Turkey crewed gulet charter - Turkey luxury motor yacht charter - Turkey Sail Boat yacht charter - Turkey Bareboat yacht charter - Turkey Catamaran yacht charter, Turkey Bareboat Charter.

Turkey is famous for its blue cruises. This cruise is based upon cruising along the idyllic picturesque coastline and crystal clear waters of the Turkish side of the Mediterranean. On this journey there are many ancient land marks to stop at and visit.

The famous boats of Turkey are well built timber boats. It is their own style of boat called a gullet, and is the general style of boat for water travel in Turkey. They are of timber construction, mainly built from timbers, such as Pine, Oak, Chestnut and other local sourced Timbers. They are generally large, with wide long decked areas over large living quarters, many with saloons and multiple cabins. The crew are friendly and insure you of quality service and privacy.

Gocek, Fethiye, Kekova and Kalekoy, Bodrum and Marmaris

Italy crewed gulet charter - Italy luxury motor yacht charter - Italy Sail Boat yacht charter - Italy Bareboat yacht charter - Italy Catamaran yacht charter

Italy yacht charter - Portofino, Aeolian Islands, Almalfi Coast, Capri, Naples, Sardinia, Sicily, Tuscany,The Italian Riviera and Liguria.

Italy is a fascinating country with the history it has of the Romans, Etruscans, and the monuments they left behind. This makes Italy the perfect romantic, stress free environment for yacht charter's, from the world renowned Portofino to the beautiful beaches of Sardinia.

Italian Riviera and Liguria, Tuscany, Sicily, Sardinia, Naples, Capri, Almalfi Coast, Aeolian, Portofino

Grece crewed gulet charter-Greece luxury motor yacht charter - Greece Sail Boat yacht charter - Greece Bareboat yacht charter - Greece Catamaran yacht charter

Greece yacht charter, The Saronic Islands, The Sporades Islands, The Cyclades Islands, The Ionian Islands, Dodecanese Islands, Crete.

Greece is one the most popular Yachting destinations in the world, this is were Europe Civilisation began. Greece has 1400 Islands, and Islets scattered around the Lonian and Aegean seas each Island is steeped in its own unique history and ruins. There are many rare and exclusive places for anchorage, many hidden bays which will only be accessible by yacht, so they're very exclusive and rare indeed.

Sailing in Greece is not something you can do in just one trip, as there are so many groups of islands to see you just can't make them all in one trip, and your more than likely want to explore all the islands once you have visited the beautiful waters of Greece. Try the Greek cuisine its one of the most popular in the Mediterranean because of its simple, fresh ingredients, obviously the best olive oil in the world.



Croatia Sailing Holidays

  Miminac 6, 22000 Šibenik, Croatia

  +385 (0)98 706 308



  Mon - Fri: 08-22h / Sat: 08-15 h

Croatia Sailing Holidays

  Miminac 6, 22000 Šibenik, Croatia

  +385 (0)98 706 308



  Mon - Fri: 08-22h / Sat: 08-15 h




Croatia is a beautiful and culturally rich country with crystal-clear seas, more than 1,100 islands, countless beaches and harbors, unspoiled villages, mountains, vineyards, Roman ruins, medieval towns, and baroque cities.


See history come alive as you sail on luxury wooden sailing yacht gulet and visit legendary Croatian islands and vibrant cultural sites of the old Mediterranean.

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