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A cruise on the Adriatic and the Mediterranean allows you to visit a new and attractive location every day. A historic Mediterranean towns or an exotic Adriatic island will inspire you to take the most memorable photos of your life.



Route 1: Kornati islands and National Parks, 7 days

This route consist of 3 national parks in the Central Adriatic. You will be located in a little port or near the port for only 3 nights, the rest of the time you will be staying surrounded by natural beauties, anchored.

Route 2: Dalmatian islands, 7 days

The most beautiful places along the coast are Dalmatian cities and old ports. In Dalmatia, the ports are central to the city, where all events are held. Most ports are over 100 years old and are made of stones.

Route 3: Zadar route, 7 days

Geographically speaking, the real centre of the Croatian part of the Adriatic coast is Zadar. The following can be found in the vicinity: national park Kornati, Telašćica nature park, central islands and small cities on the coast.

Route 4: Šibenik islands A, 7 days

The Šibenik islands are inhabited throughout the year. Zlarin has a great coral tradition, Kaprije is a fisherman’s island with a footpath from one to the other side of the island, in the southern part of Žirje there are old ruins, Prvić has 3 small ports, then there ...

Route 5: Šibenik islands B, 7 days

There are several different routes that can be taken from Šibenik. On this route the first trip is to the Krka river.

Route 6: Split islands, 7 days

There are a lot of places one must see around Split.
The islands of Drvenik and Krkanjaši, Sveta Fumija, Čiovo, Šolta, Brač, Hvar, and places south of Split, on the coast.

Route 7: discover the island of Vis, 7 days

Vis is a new destination in Croatia. There are no marinas but the local people have built good shelter in the harbour of Vis and Komiža.
And when the nights are still, the boats may be anchored on the small and famous island of Biševo,
on a sandy beach ...

Route 8: Sandy beaches one-way to Dubrovnik, 7 days

Sandy beaches are not abounded in Croatia, but that's why the waters of Croatian Adriatic are so crystal clear. In Middle Dalmatia is possible to find some of best sandy beaches and sandy buttoms all over the Adriaitic coast.


Croatia Sailing Holidays

  Miminac 6, 22000 Šibenik, Croatia

  +385 (0)98 706 308

  Mon - Fri: 08-22h / Sat: 08-15 h

Croatia Sailing Holidays

  Miminac 6, 22000 Šibenik, Croatia

  +385 (0)98 706 308

  Mon - Fri: 08-22h / Sat: 08-15 h




Croatia is a beautiful and culturally rich country with crystal-clear seas, more than 1,100 islands, countless beaches and harbors, unspoiled villages, mountains, vineyards, Roman ruins, medieval towns, and baroque cities.


See history come alive as you sail on luxury wooden sailing yacht gulet and visit legendary Croatian islands and vibrant cultural sites of the old Mediterranean.

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