Route 1: Bodrum - Marmaris - Carian Coast



Bodrum, Turkey. Halikarnassus and 5th century BC birthplace of Herodutus, this town is striking from the sea and interesting once ashore. The Castle of St.Peter which dominates the harbor is well preserved and encloses fascinating museums, including one of treasures from the Nefertiti bronze age underwater recovery off Kas. The bazaar has considerable variety and there is a broad selection of restaurants, some good. Site of Seven Wonders tomb (c353 BC) of Mausolus of Caria, port in which his wife Artemisia the Younger trapped the Rhodian fleet in 352 BC, and location of the only real resistance to Alexander's march through the Near East. Port of Entry with its own international airport thirty minutes from the harbour.

Datca. Eleven sailing miles from Simi Town, Datca is a cacophony of sound and an AM Port of Entry en route to Knidos. In fact, it was Knidos before Knidos moved to the Triopian cliffs about 365 years before the Christian era. A commercial and resort town where rug merchants are somewhat reasonable if still cunning. When remaining overnight , the new (in 2004) Kebapca ,above the harbour has a fine ambience and wonderful view,

Bencik Looking rather like a miniature fjord,this inlet extends inland about 1.5 miles with steep wooded slopes on either side. There is no
restaurant here so, unless you are eating aboard, this is just a lunch stop. This is the narrowest point on the Datca peninsular but the
wonderful views require a steep climb to get them.

Knidos. Sounds Greek (Spartan, according to Herodotus) but is Turkish, a clear-water cove at the tip of the Doric Peninsula twelve sailing miles from Kalaboshi. Triopian cliffs flush in rosemary and myrtle. Theater and stoa at the water's edge. See Temple of Aphrodite (the "round" temple reconstructed during the Roman period) once housing Praxitele's first nude. A must visit.

Keci Buku. A thirty-nine sailing mile spinnaker run from Knidos, partly inland passage, Keci Buku is one of the prettier anchorages in Turkey. Good swimming and exploring, including the ruins of Bybassos, a part of ancient Caria. The Carians, it may be noted, were allies of the Trojans, and while Homer said they were barbarous of speech, it had nothing to do with their hospitality.

Selimiye. An idyllic retreat six sailing miles southwest of Keci Buku, Selimiye (ancient Hyda) and its bay (Sinus Schoenus in antiquity) are notable as a swimming and kayaking respite, but a respite featuring fine ambient dining under a mulberry tree at the water's edge. A Byzantine castle dominates the backdrop while the restaurant (Aurora) itself is partly constructed of Hellenistic blocks.

Loryma. A Rhodian outpost twenty sailing miles from Selimiye, the fortress here dates from the third century BC while the two acropolei are Chersonese (peninsula Carian) and centuries older. The anchorage during the fourth century BC harbored the Persian fleet of Conon the Athenian while it prepared to end Sparta's sea supremacy in a battle fought off old Knidos. The cuisine at Corban Ali’s is surprisingly good, and one of the statue bases in his back yard may well have supported a bronze Conon. Meanwhile the swimming and kayaking in clear water over a sand bottom doesn't get much better.

Byzantine Creek. A delightful refuge 15 sailing miles east of Loryma offering respite from stiff winds in the Rhodes Channel while featuring early Christian ruins rarely visited.

Kumlu Buku. Ancient Amos five sailing miles NE of Byzantine Creek. Ruins a short climb above the beach, including an early Hellenistic theatre with a hill-top view of Marmaris Bay. Behind the beach below is an extravagant example of modern bank-lending excess. At the other end of the beach is a restaurant featuring superb Beijing cuisine and unsurpassed hot chocolate cake.

Ciftlik is a small bay with a nice beach, with Club Fanya, offering a jetty with enough place for about 50 boats and several restaurants. Very relaxing place before approaching to Marmaris

Marmaris. Ancient Physcus, only 15 miles east of Çiflik. One of our bases both for sailing boats and our main base for gulet charter cruises. Once a small village, now small city with all facilities. Several restaurants in center of city, near the sea or inside Netsel Marina.



Croatia Sailing Holidays

  Miminac 6, 22000 Šibenik, Croatia

  +385 (0)98 706 308

  Mon - Fri: 08-22h / Sat: 08-15 h

Croatia Sailing Holidays

  Miminac 6, 22000 Šibenik, Croatia

  +385 (0)98 706 308

  Mon - Fri: 08-22h / Sat: 08-15 h




Croatia is a beautiful and culturally rich country with crystal-clear seas, more than 1,100 islands, countless beaches and harbors, unspoiled villages, mountains, vineyards, Roman ruins, medieval towns, and baroque cities.


See history come alive as you sail on luxury wooden sailing yacht gulet and visit legendary Croatian islands and vibrant cultural sites of the old Mediterranean.

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